• oh, hello.


    My name's Molly.


    I am a copywriter from Seattle, Washington (by-way-of-Adak-Alaska-by-way-of-Austin-Texas-by-way-of-Manhattan).

    My specialties are wit, weirdness and absurdity.


    I love punchy taglines, clever copy, and self-aware product inserts written in the voice of a cartoon fox.


    My short-form work can be found on boxes, blogs and boutique brand strategies scattered across the country.

    My long-form work has appeared in The Stranger, The Airgonaut, The Princeton Sun, and the margins of a handful of industrial machine manuals dropped strategically from a helicopter over Alaska.


    In 2016 my short fiction was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.


    For my full portfolio, drop me a line:

  • slouching towards blurblehem

    or: book blurbs reviewed: toward a unifying theory of blurb criticism

  • pubs & bylines

    you may recognize me from such famous abandoned gas stations as...

    journalism, essays & reviews

    alt weekly sure, alt rightly never

    copywriting & content creation

    did somebody order a mailchimp campaign written entirely in villanelles?

    • Literati
    • Jakk Media
    • Kulture Digital 
    • Seattle Film Festival
    • Death Hilarious Press
    • Ballet Austin
    • Flags.com 
    • Insignia SEO
    • {various and sundry others}


    short and long form, baby!

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